St. Thomas believes in quality but not in quantity, the quality of education of the school is not only determined by the presence scenario in the school but it is determined by the effectiveness of performance of the past students. We are proud to say that our past students are well poised and placed in India and abroad in highly honored positions. We wish them all success & blessings of God. The quality of the school is dependent upon the educational qualification, dedication & commitment of the teachers and staff.

The school has a committed & dedicated team of teachers & staff to impart quality education. We give importance to the following points to inculcate quality education & environment in the school.

  • Quality of Teachers & Staff

  • Effective School Curriculum

  • Effective Instructional Strategies

  • Democratic Classroom Management

  • Time Management

  • Students Involvement & Engagement

  • Effective Classroom Communication

  • Systematic Administration

  • Uniformity in Evaluation, Assessment & Quality Audit

From 2005 onwards, the school has entered into the ISO standards of Quality Management System (QMS). The Indian Register Quality System (IRQS) has audited the school system & the school has been certified as 'An ISO 9001-2008 Certified Institution' for the last three years the whole system of school is improving upon the ISO standards. The following the salient quality points are looked into :

  • Effective Communication between School & Home

  • Customer Feedback from the parents & students

  • Identifying of a Non-conformities & Conformities.

  • Corrective & Preventive Actions

  • Effective & regular MR Meetings

  • Regular Internal Audits & Surveillance External Audit from IRQS

  • Updating of records

Quality Policy

St. Thomas is committed for providing Quality Education in terms of all round development of the personality of students as per ICSE/ISC syllabus and comply with statutory & regulatory requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of Quality Management System.