The following means of developing personality are implemented in the school:-

  • Periodic Training Programmes for staff & students to enhance leadership & communication skills.

  • Activity Period - An hour in every week is used in the class for developing the innate talents & innovations of the students. It is compulsory for every student to participate as per their roll number. In the current year more than 125 students have been awarded the best performers prize.

  • Situation Awareness Mission - This is to inculcate right attitude towards the society around. The motto behind is 'Love the people, Love their culture, Love their language'.

  • Panorama - A club formed by the students & run by them under the guidance of the teachers to give training for Event Management, News Reading & Public Speaking.

  • Darpan - A club for conducting creative writing contest -  we have identified more than 120 young poets both in English & Hindi.

  • Akriti - A club for creative art & craft to arouse imagination and beauty of nature & life.

  • Regular activities of Nature/Eco Club, Quiz Club, Debate Club, Science Club etc. are conducted to inspire the students.

Physical Education - Along with the academic activities physical education has got a prominent role in developing the personality. The school is producing National Athletes & they are partaking the National ICSE Events every year with colorful awards.

Yoga & Karate - Two periods in every week are allotted for Yoga & Karate & our students are performing well in the National Tournaments.

Music - Training in music is a regular feature & we have strong students as well as teachers choir in the school.

School Band - School band has started in the school in this year.