The academic programmes are designed on the basis of certain principles, ideals & vision. Bible says, 'The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom'. We encourage the students and parents to be god fearing.

Mahatama Gandhi, the father of our nation  said, 'Education is the total development of Body, Mind & Spirit.' All the academic/educational  activities of the school are designed on this basis.

'Education with a human face' is our stress always. This school is standing for 'making  good, effective & creative human beings'.

The Academic Programmes are subdivided into the following schedules:-


  1. Effective Curriculum as per ICSE syllabus.

  2. Classroom Teaching - transparent and effective communication of imparting knowledge.

  3. More emphasis on 'How, Why, What' questions from the students during teaching.

  4. Laying more importance  on creative writing & updating notes through discussions and debates.

  5. Proper revision on the subjects are of great priority - revision periods are led by the students in the higher classes.

  6. Learning through group study among students is practiced.

  7. Study material programme for each and every subject is introduced to arouse interest among students.

  8. Examination & Tests - The time-table for the examinations is set to test the knowledge of the students.

  9.  The valuation of the answer sheets are done on the basis of model answers and the common marking scheme. So no disparity in the marks will happen.

  10. We enforce a home time-table for the self study at home in consonance with their daily class routine.

ICSE RESULTS (SINCE 1982 to till date)


Year Total Absent Appear Failed Pass Topper Mark %age School Average
1982 17 3 14 1 13 Sanjay Saurabh 508 84.66 62.78
1983 30 1 29   29 Nityanand Arya 520 86.66 70.28
1984 35   35   35 Kamal Jeet Singh Saini 549 91.5 73.24
1985 41 2 39   39 Manoj T. Pillai 515 85.83 68.99
1986 44   44   44 Sri Krishna R 558 93 71.96
1987 53   53   53 Shalabh Mohan 546 91 69.46
1988 62   62   62 Amit Kumar 541 90.2 69.66
1989 52   52   52 Vivek Anand 544 90.66 69.24
1990 54   54   54 Tanmoy Adhikari 551 91.8 72.93
1991 51   51   51 Sharad kumar 542 90.33 76.6
1992 50   50   50 Shiv Kumar R 549 91.5 77.75
1993 59 1 58   58 Ayan Sen 569 94.83 78.13
1994 69   69   69 Amit Kumar 560 93.33 79.13
1995 61   61   61 Karthik Sundaram 556 92.66 82.86
1996 68   68   68 Saurav Kumar 568 94.66 75.72
1997 69 3 66   66 Abhinav Sinha 572 95.33 78.71
1998 67 1 66   66 Saujatya Chakraborty
& Sourabh Barua
565 94.16 82.59
1999 92   92   92 Anjali Sinha 573 95.5 83.18
2000 85 1 84   84 Aviral Shrot 575 95.83 82.58
2001 78   78   78 Sourabh Kumar Saha 566 94.33 81.42
2002 94   94   94 Rahul Nanda 565 94.16 81.74
2003 99   99   99 Reeshav Kumar 571 95.16 77.78
2004 106   106   106 Prerna 572 95.33 77.02
2005 109 2 107   107 Gaurav Kumar 570 95 81.33
2006           Shiv Prakash Ojha   95.67  
2007 95   95   95 Mayank Raj 681 97.29 84.63
2008 124   124   124 Tanmay Sinha 675 96.43  
2009           Smiriti Kumari      
2010 127   127   127 Akik Dey 673 96.80  
2011           Pradyot Prakash   97.80  



Curriculum and Courses

The Curriculum and syllabus is well designed from Kindergarten to Std. X. The medium of instruction is English. The school curriculum is adequately formulated to prepare the students for the ICSE (Xth) examinations conducted by ISC Council, New Delhi. The council was established in 1958 by the University of Cambridge Local Examination Syndicate with the assistance of Inter-State Board for Anglo-Indian education.


External Examination

GROUP - I (Compulsory)
1. English 2 Papers
2. Indian Language (Hindi) 1 Paper
3. History & Civics, Geography 2 Papers
4. Environmental Education 1 Paper
1. Mathematics 1 Paper
2. Science Physics 3 Papers
GROUP - III (Any One)
1. Computer Application/Economics Application 1 Paper

External Examination

Socially Useful Productive Work and Community Service will be undertaken.

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ICSE / ISC Course

The Board examination is taken at the end of Std X and XII. The second language is Hindi, Sanskrit/Malayalam is offered from Std. V to Std. VIII as third language in addition to the main subjects. General Knowledge, Moral Science and S.U.P.W. are included in the curriculum. The students preparing for ICSE are to opt for English, Hindi, History & Geography in Group-I ,Math and Science in Group II    and Economics/Computer Application as optional subjects in Group-III from Std. VIII onwards. After the subject option is done no change of subject is permitted. Extra curricular activities and physical education are compulsory in the school curriculum.  Computer instruction is given from Std. I onwards.

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School Session

The academic session for 2011-12 is from 29th March 2011 to 31st March 2012. In addition to Summer Vacation, there will be short holidays for Durga Puja and Christmas. Sundays are holidays for the school.
School Hours
KG I, KG II & STD I 7:30 am (arrival time) to 12:30 pm
STD XI & STD XII 7:30 am (arrival time) to 12:30 pm
STD II to STD X 7:30 am (arrival time) to 1:40 pm   (8 periods)

The arrival time for the students will be strictly followed and no late coming will be normally entertained. The Principal may give an exemption for the late comers on the ground of genuine reasons. The gate will be closed during the assembly time.

Timing for winter will be informed in advance.

Visiting Hours

8.00 am to 12.00 Noon (only for the educational matters of the wards)

2.00 pm to 3.00 pm (for general matters)

Office 8.30 am to 10.30 am
Teacher KG I to Std I 7.00 am to 8.00 am
1.00 pm to 1.30 pm

For other classes the teachers will mention the time in the respective diaries of the wards.

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Scholastic Regulation
  • The result declared at the end of the year is final and will not be altered. There will be two terminal examinations in August and December and the final examination will be conducted in March or as decided. Annual Examination will cover all the portions taught. Apart from these, students will have regular class test in all the subjects on the basis of which the progress of the child will be assessed and it will be taken into consideration while deciding the promotion of the student. For promotion the students must get 40% marks in all the subjects.

  • No arrangement will be made for holding special examination for absentees before or after the time fixed for examination even on medical ground. If the absence is justified the students will be assessed for promotion by giving weightage to performance in other examination during the session.

  • Use of unfair means will lead to dismissal of the students from the school or detention in the same class as the Principal may deem fit.

  • A student who fails twice in the same class will not be permitted to continue his/her studies in the school.

  • Those who fail in any subject will not be ranked. Those who fail in English will not be promoted.

  • Answer sheets of the Annual examination will not be shown to the students or guardians under any circumstances.

  • For promotion the ward should have 75% attendance in the academic year.

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School Uniform

The parents are advised to buy branded clothing materials with proper colour shade.

Coffee brown short pants and white full sleeve shirts up to Std. IV, Full pants and white full sleeve shirts from Std. V onwards. Black shoes and skin color socks for all.


Coffee brown pleated skirts and white full sleeve shirts up to Std. IV. Coffee brown divided skirts and white full sleeve shirt from Std. V onwards. Black shoes and skin color socks for all.

From this year Blazers are made mandatory as part of winter uniform for all students from Std. V to X.


The uniform for PT will be color T-Shirt with white full Pants (Std. V to X) / Short Pants (KG to Std. IV) for boys and color shirts with white skirts for girls (KG I to Std. IV white pleated skirt and Std. V onwards white divided skits) and white canvas shoes with white socks for all students. The name  of the school will be printed on the T-Shirt or Shirts. The present students in the school will buy the T-Shirts or shirts according to the color of the respective houses they belong to. The new students will be informed the name of their houses soon after the school re-opens.The students can wear this colored PT uniform all along the year - i.e. on house day Programmes, PT days and Sports Day. All the students are instructed to avail their PT uniforms on or before 20th  April 2011 and they must wear the same on 23rd  April 2011 on the occasion of the oath taking ceremony.


The Tie, Badge and belt are essential with the school uniform and are available in the school office. The students are informed to buy it from the school office only, for proper color and size.

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